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Next is the question of finding out about moving companies. Do not make inquiries from too many people and get confused at the end, because as many people you inquire, you shall be flooded with as many suggestions. Be discreet and ask only those who are adept in the matter shifting and have had good experience. Such people shall prove to be your Moving Guide. Also, you may go online and find out about various International Moving companies operating in your area. Shortlist the companies that fall within your budget and whose customer service enjoys good report. Draw up a fool-proof written agreement with the company regarding all the terms and conditions of moving. The company should also undertake the task of preparing documents required as per the state and national authorities.

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Moving Abroad with Your Pet

Begin the preparation for the move as far in advance as possible. You will be making arrangements with your vet, and airlines as well as gathering supplies. The first thing you should do is make sure the new country will allow your pet to enter. Some countries have restrictions on certain animals for health reasons. Most common pets such as dogs, cats, and birds are typically allowed. At this stage, exploring the possibilities of an import tax on your pet is a good idea. Planning for this additional cost in advance could save you a headache later.

Next, talk to your vet to make sure your pet is healthy enough and old enough for the move. Some older pets do not travel as well and might become too stressed by the process. If your pet does not travel well, it will be helpful to have a discussion with your vet about the option of sedating your pet during transport. If your vet gives you the green light, look into what requirements your new country will have for your pets. Find a list of shots that your pet will have to have and the time period over which the shots are to be given. Have a signed and official health report for you pet, including all shots, ready before you leave the country. A few destinations may also want to have the health report in advance. A quarantine period is a requirement for some countries receiving a new pet as well. In this early phase, finding the length of time for the quarantine and a facility will get you another step further in the process.

Before rushing to purchase a plane ticket, consider different airlines and their options for traveling with pets. Don’t hesitate to talk to airline representatives about the different options available to you and your pet. Important questions for the airline include: if your pet is small enough, will you be able to have your pet travel in the cabin with you, if your pet is not small enough, where will your pet be housed during the flight, what kind of traveling crate can you use, are there crates provided by the airline, what kind of information will you need to attach to the crate for the flight crew, and what can your pet have with him/her in the crate (food, water, toys etc.)? Asking about the cost of traveling with your pet should be added to the list and your overall international moving budget.

With all of these preparations, it can be easy to forget about helping your pet begin to make the adjustment to moving. If your pet does not like to travel, take him/her with you on small trips in the crate they will be moved in, or one of similar size. Reward your pet at the end of the trip so they associate the crate and car ride with being a positive experience. If your pet will need to be quarantined and you have enough time to practice with that too, keep your pet in a cage while you are out of the house if this is not a current practice. Again, reward your pet when you are home so the whole experience is more relaxing for them.

When you arrive in the new country, follow the country’s guidelines for entering animals. Some will ask for another quarantined period. Give your pet a chance to stretch its legs and explore its new home. Moving can be a confusing experience for an animal whether moving down the street or across the ocean. Be patient with your pet and remember to be vigilant of good behavior to reward until the new routine is established in your new home.

  • Currency

    As a newly minted world traveler or a seasoned globetrotter, you will undoubtedly find currency exchange to be one of the guiding issues in your travel experience. Depending on your budget, the exchange rate may even dictate what countries you visit and how long you stay for.

  • Pets Aboard

    Begin the preparation for the move as far in advance as possible.  You will be making arrangements with your vet, and airlines as well as gathering supplies.  The first thing you should do is make sure the new country will allow your pet to enter.  Some countries have restrictions on certain animals for health reasons. 

  • Documents Needed

    Moving to a different country can be one of the most rewarding experiences in a person’s life.  It can also be one of the most stressful and difficult to coordinate.  Many details need to be planned out well in advance and a timeline adhered to.